15 April 2010

[Magic Item] Springfest Biscuits

Springfest Biscuits (Also known as druid's cakes)

These small, somewhat flavorless biscuits, made from a base of ground oats and whatever local grains are available, are the primary fare during many of the celebrations during Springfest, since they are easy to make in large quantities and require no expensive or uncommon ingredients. The taste is somewhat akin to an unsweetened oatmeal cookie, and the biscuits are often adorned with bits of chopped fruits or drizzled in honey or jellies to sweeten them up.

Only the most desperate or isolationist of communities would charge travellers for these edibles, but in those situations, a day's worth (providing a full ration equivalent for the day) can be had for 2 coppers.

In areas where a druidic circle is present, the preparing of ceremonial biscuits is a serious and involved process, involving ritual prayers to the nature gods and offerings to the spirits of the various animals native to the area. The result are Springfest Biscuits with a slight enchantment upon them. They have two uses, which are detailed below:

1. If a character consumes 3 whole biscuits (a day's portion), he will be blesses with a +1 bonus to any reaction check when dealing with natural animals. This effect lasts until dawn of the following day.

2. If a biscuit is tossed to an oncoming animal and eaten by that animal (non-hostile animals will consume the treat on a roll of 1-5 on a d6, hostile animals are entitled to a reaction check, with a hostile result meaning it ignores the treat and continues its attack), it is affected as if a Charm Person spell had been cast upon it successfully by the character who offered the treat.

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