28 May 2011

Classic DnD Dungeon Magazine Adventure Index - part 6

As you can see, I've made these indices a bit more helpful than those usually found online, including notes on the intended setting, party make up & levels, and a brief description of the premise of the adventure to help you pick an adventure that's right for your group and campaign. Additionally, since a lot of folks have a favorite author or two whose work they value above others, I've listed the author of each adventure.

44 (Nov/Dec '93)
Title: The Hand Of Al-Djamal
Setting: Known World Urban (Glantri)
Levels: 9-12
Suggested Party Make-Up: 4-6 PCs, including at least one magic-user or elf, and one cleric
Description: A museum curator in Glantri city has a problem, mummies he acquired to display wont stay dead. He hires the party to deal with the undead, preferably without destroying the bodies. Will the PCs fulfill his request and find the vengeful creature that keeps animating the corpses? Obviously, a cleric or two would come in handy. The goblins in the adventure are well detailed with fleshed out personalities, and any PCs who speak the goblin language can make the adventure a lot more interesting.

Issue: 46 (Mar/Apr '94)
Title: Dovedale
Setting: Generic wilderness and dungeon crawl
Levels: 1-3
Suggested Party Make-Up: 2-3 PCs, with at least one thief or halfling
Description: The small town of Dovedale has two pretty interesting features. First is a river that's said to be home to a talking fish. Second is the nearby band of goblins, whose chief is an avid fisherman hellbent on hooking the talking fish. The rest of the goblins are causing trouble for the town and the party is hired to find their lair and flush them out.

Issue: 48 (Jul/Aug '94)
Title: Them Apples
Setting: Generic wilderness, with Known World adaptation notes
Levels: 1-3
Suggested Party Make-Up: 4-8 PCs
Description: Wistil is a small village of halflings and their renowned apple orchards. While the hin here are friendly, their success in the regions farmers markets has made them a few enemies. When a rival makes a pact with a mischevious wood drake to cause a blight on Wistil's orchards, the party is hired to help find the source of the mysterious blight. Solving the puzzle gets a lot more complicated, of course, and sends the party on a wild romp involving hill giants, wood drakes, and pesky druids.

Issue: 50 (Nov/Dec '94)
Title: The Object Of Desire
Setting: Generic Arabian fantasy waterborne and dungeon crawl
Levels: 5-8
Suggested Party Make-Up: 4-6 PCs, with at least one cleric
Description: A wealthy caliph hires the party to escort his niece and her dowry on a sea voyage to her wedding. While distracted by an annoying servant of the caliph who's also along for the trip, the Princess is kidnapped and taken to an island cave complex, where the party must find and rescue her.

Issue: 51 (Jan/Feb '95)
Title: The Witch Of Windcrag
Setting: Generic dungeon crawl
Levels: 2-3
Suggested Party Make-Up: 4-6 PCs
Note: This is a Side Treks encounter, not a full fledged adventure
Description: While visiting home, the PCs are reminded of the tale of the witch of windcrag, a local bogeyman type figure who starred in many of the bedtime stories and wives tales of their youth. Well, turns out the witch is real, she's actually a harpy, and the party can finally end her reign of terror by exploring her cavern lair and defeating her.

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