13 January 2012

People and places of Portown: The Green Dragon Inn

Before discussing the Green Dragon Inn, let me remind everyone that I have been using Green Ronin's Freeport to develop Portown. There are links on that post to some information to get started in Freeport, most importantly, there is this free map. I like this map because it is an unlabeled "player's" map. This has two benefits, first, if you're using Freeport sourcebooks, like I am, it shows the players the city without giving away where all the secrets are, second, if you're not using any Freeport stuff, but like this map to represent Portown, there's no references to a bunch of sites you wont use. It's also printer friendly and uncluttered enough to allow you and or the players to make notes on.

When I introduce a new location in Portown, like the Green Dragon Inn today, I'll post a small snippet of the map, just big enough to show you where I'm talking about. You can can ignore me and move things around anyway you like though!

The Green Dragon Inn
A haven for adventurers in Portown.

Nestled amidst the squallor and chaos of the neighborhood informally known as Scurvytown, the Green Dragon stands out for a simple reason; it's clean! The boardwalk along the front of the place is constantly being swept by the staff, and a plain whitewashed sign proclaims the inn's name in green letters. The front doors of the inn are carved to resemble dragons rampant, and the windows are all constructed of bits of stained glass collected from dilapidated structures around town and arranged in pleasing patterns that give the interior a soft, colorful glow during the day.

Known locally for its good food, adding mainland staples like beef, pork and chicken to the usual seafood fare found around the city, but you'll not often find the city's upper crust dining here, not casually, at least. Since its purchase and remodeling about 20 years ago by a band of adventurers led by the formidable Lord Robilar (Lord is both his "level title" and part of his backstory, below), the Green Dragon has catered exclusively to adventurer types, who are usually flush with gold to spend and eager to hear rumor of the next big adventure awaiting them. A lot of shadier business is conducted here as well, with the would-be well-to-do of Scurvytown seeing the inn as a respectable place to do their, sometimes illicit, business.

The Green Dragon never closes, so at any time of day or night, a wide variety of adventurers and potential patrons can be found here, and DMs may wish to use the place as the local incarnation of the Shady Dragon Inn, to introduce new NPCs, potential hirelings and even rivals and enemies of the PCs. If using that option, the maps of the Shady Dragon, found in the product, can be used to represent the inn's interior. If you don't want to tie the Green Dragon to the Shady Dragon, or don't have access to the Shady Dragon product, a quick online search for "tavern map" will produce many suitable results. The Green Dragon is 3 stories in height, but the third level is comprised only of the private apartments of Lord Robilar and his associates, so a two level tavern/inn map will work just fine. The inn also has a well constructed, "finished" cellar, rumored by many locals to allow access to the sewers and undercity tunnels through concealed (and trapped) doorways.

Meals at the inn are not cheap, often running in the 3 to 5 gold piece range, but the team of Hin cooks, serving girls and barmen Robilar employs provide excellent food and outstanding service, with the ability to adequately fill the regional taste preferences of anyone from the civilized parts of the Known World. Lodging costs 2gp for a bunk in the upper common room (with up to 20 beds available per night), or 10gp a night for a private room and service from Barth, the Hin butler (normal halfling, see basic set "monster" entry, the rest of the staff fits this description as well).

Lord Robilar
16th Level Neutral Male Fighter, str18 int11 wis16 dex18 con16 chr18, HP 89

Robilar is a bit of a mystery around Portown, before he first arrived in the city about 20 years ago, noone in the Known World (or all of Mystara for that matter) had heard his name. To those who piece together the bits of rumors and vague hints from Robilar himself, the story goes something like this.

Robilar hails from a far off realm, possibly another, alternate world entirely. He enjoyed a wild and successful career as an adventurer there, earning vast wealth and power, but things would not end well. Robilar tells a tale of the elder immortals of his world, a group he calls the creater gods, being cast aside and replaced by a debauched and uncouth group of upstart immortals. To achieve their goals of destroying the creator gods and claiming the world for their own, they somehow created a strange demiplane, where undesirable elements could be banished to, being replaced in their world by simulacra intended to maintain an illusion of normalcy and continuity. After many strange and dangerous adventures in the prison demiplane, which Robilar refers to as "bizarro world" (with a grin and a knowing wink, any who know him figure it's best to just play along and pretend to understand), Robilar and his crew escaped, but not back to their world, they arrived in Specularum. After some minor dealings with (then) Duke (now king) Stefan, The group took to adventuring again, eventually winding up in Portown, which they decided to call home until a way back to their world could be found.

Currently, Robilar's company has dwindled to just his friend and hireling Otto (10th Level Neutral Male Magic User) and a rather civilized orc warrior named Quij (5th Level Neutral Orc, see the Orcs of Thar sourcebook). Though they own the inn, the three have little to do with daily operations, preferring to leave things to their Hin staff and simply mingle with their customers, keeping an ear out for rumors that might help them complete their quest to get to their true home. In this manner, Robilar, Otto and Quij may be willing to trade information or even magic with a party of PCs.

Robilar's stats are taken from the 1st edition AD&D product The Rogues Gallery. In that source, his alignment is listed as Lawful Evil, but since Classic D&D doesn't use the 9 alignment model, I made him Neutral. This reflects his description as wild, jaded and given to rather morbid amusements, but still generally loyal and trustworthy to those who approach him fairly and with a bit of caution.


  1. For the record, no offense was meant to any Greyhawk designers, past or present. Now and then here on the Dungeon I will post something that is meant as a tribute to the people who built the D&D game and the Mystara setting. Rob Kuntz, Robilar's creator, is one of those guys who was around since the start and had a part in shaping the D&D games, this is a tribute to his idea about Robilar and how it differs from what Greyhawk material did with him. To be plain, I don't give a gnome's rear end about Greyhawk "canon".

  2. I don't know, I think adaptation of material is totally keeping with the spirit of the game.

    Nicely done!

    Besides, the existence of a multiverse suggests that everything is conserved; with all the planar travel that can occur at higher levels, I'd imagine that characters can conceivably meet altered versions of themselves in other worldlines. Like the time Mordenkainen met Sir Mordenkainen of the Marrowblade and the cybermagus |\/|0rd3|\||<41|\|3|\|.

  3. Holy Pelor! You high-jacked the Green Dragon Inn! :O

    I was walking down Cargo Street just yesterday and notice this giant, empty lot and thinking; "What on Oerth . . . "

    Well, that's one mystery solved!

    Nicely done, Darva. ;)

  4. Hilarious Mystic!
    I for one like this adaptation. It works really well and isn't as muddled as "official" versions I've seen. And also, part of me likes that she took one back for Mystara after the Isle of Dread incident in Savage Tide. ;)

  5. Greyhawk stole the Keep on the Borderlands too! :P

  6. What a very nice send-up, Darva. Thanks from Lord Robilar himself.

    Keep on creating.



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