12 January 2012

A Portown Extra: Lemunda the Lovely!

As many readers may know, in the dungeons of Zenopus scenario in the Holmes Basic rules, if the party is lucky, they will discover and rescue Lemunda, who claims to be a daughter of a "powerful lord" of Portown. In keeping with the previous post about adapting Portown to Freeport and Mystara, here's a character write up for Lemunda.

Lemunda "the Lovely" Mirren
Class/Level: Fighter 2
Alignment: Neutral

STR 10
INT 14
WIS 12
DEX 12
CON 15
CHR 17

HP: 7 AC: 7* THAC0: 19 XP: 290
Money: 73gp*

Notes on stats: To be true to the rules, I just rolled these on 3d6 and assigned them in order, except for CHR, where I used a 4d6 drop low die method to bump it up a bit. She is nicknamed "the lovely", after all. 
* if Lemunda is encountered as a prisoner of the pirates in Zenopus's dungeons, she will not have her leather armor, giving her an AC of 9. She will likewise not have any money on her person. These numbers assume she is met in Portown, or nearby, before or soon after her rescue.

Lemunda Mirren is one of many granddaughters of Lenora Mirren (The Pirate's Guide to Freeport, Green Ronin Publishing, 2007),  a moderately wealthy and influential matriarch of Portown. While not nobility, and not involved in any actual running of the city or its guilds, the Mirren clan has contacts and allies throughout Portown society, making them a rather important family in the social circles. Seeking to elevate herself above her sisters and cousins, Lemunda took to a life of adventure and good natured piracy rather early, making a name for herself as a fearless, yet reckless blade for hire.

This life led Lemunda into trouble when she was captured by a small band of pirates with a grudge against her family. She was taken to their hideout in the caves beneath the dungeons of Zenopus, which is where the PCs will encounter her (perhaps a reunion of sorts if they are regulars in town and have met her before in passing) if the DM is using the Dungeons of Zenopus scenario as a campaign chapter.

If the party frees her, they will earn her lasting friendship, and a reward of 250gp from Lenora, her grandmother (far less than the 2000gp ransom the pirates were asking...). If the party meets her after her rescue by another band of adventurers, assuming the DM is not planning to use the Zenopus scenario, they will find her to be a little cocky and arrogant, a result of her upper class upbringing, but fairly friendly. She's eager to get involved in high adventure and earn a name for herself, and might wish to join a party that she sees as flashy and flamboyant enough.

Lemunda usually wears a light but sturdy suit of leather armor under her clothing, which is always a flashy example of the latest Portown fashions, with a dagger or two hidden in her sleeve or boot. If recruited by a party, she'll show up with a normal selection of gear appropriate for a first level fighter.

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