09 March 2012

NPC Profiles: The D&D Animated Series: Bobby The Barbarian

It is important to bear in mind that magical forces that brought the "gang" to Mystara, along with the extremely potent incantations of their "totem" items give the heroes their abilities. Class and level are assigned to make sense of saving throws, hit points, and so on, but in some ways, these guys just don't fit into the game as proper examples of their class. It's best to just treat them as unique creatures and not worry too much about tweaking them to adhere completely to the rules.

Bobby The Barbarian

4th Lvl Fighter, Lawful
Str 13
Dex 13
Con 11
Int 11
Wis 8
Cha 10

AC 5
HP 19

Aside from his +2 Leather Armor and the Thunder Club, Bobby carries the usual rations, supplies and gear for a fighter type adventurer.

Bobby's big day out with his big sister and her friends at the carnival has turned into one big, long nightmare. He's a typical kid, impatient and impetuous, getting bored and annoyed if he thinks the group is dallying around when they could be trying to find their way home.

Behind his bluster and posturing though, Bobby sometimes feels overshadowed by the bigger kids, especially Erik and Hank, and his bravado is often driven by a fear of his pals viewing him as a scared little kid.

Bobby has developed quite an attachment to the gang's young unicorn companion, Uni, and will go to any lengths to protect his friend.

The Thunder Club (Totem of the "Barbarian" (Fighter); Minor Artifact)

Carved from rather nondescript wood, this heavy, stout club appears much more impressive as a melee weapon than it actually is. Although the wielder is granted a +1 chance to hit in combat, Damage rolls are adjusted by -2, as the club is not truly intended as a tool for bludgeoning other creatures.

When used to attack doors, walls, and other inanimate objects, the club does full damage. In addition, once per day the Club may be struck on the ground as the wielder shouts out a suitable war cry, invoking an effect similar to that of a Horn of Blasting. Creatures caught in the resulting tremor (a 100 ft long cone, 20 ft wide at the far end) take no damage* but must save vs paralysis or be knocked down. Objects and structures caught in the tremor suffer the same damage described for the Horn of Blasting (in the Expert Rules).

Once per week, the club's ultimate power may be unleashed. The club is again struck hard against the ground, with a suitable war cry shouted by the wielder, invoking effects similar to the spell Earthquake (7th lvl Cleric spell, Companion Rules). The ground in a 60 ft radius around the wielder begins to tremor and shake violently, destroying any small, unfortified structures and causing significant damage (DM's discretion) to sturdier buildings. In cliff environments, there is a 2 in 6 chance of a rockslide or avalanche being triggered, with results decided by the DM. Although no direct damage is inflicted*, all creatures in the area of effect must save vs paralysis at a -2 penalty or be knocked down. Any creature thus knocked down must then roll a d20, with a result of natural 1 indicating falling into a crack opened by the tremor and suffering 3d6 points of damage.

* Although neither of the Club's special powers inflict direct damage, it is possible, at the DM's discretion, that creatures knocked down by either power may fall off a cliff, into a pit, etc, depending on the terrain. Normal falling damage would then apply.

When carried by a normal human or demi-human (0 level, no class), the club imparts the HP, Saving Throws, and Combat Abilities of a 4th level fighter, as well as a +4 bonus to the owner's Strength score as long as the club is carried or worn. This boon does not apply to classed characters.

Anyone stealing the club, or harming or killing Bobby to possess it will instantly draw the enmity of her remaining companions (and the Dungeon Master, who will indirectly aid them in avenging their comrade) as well as the ire of Venger (who will be detailed in a separate post here soon). It's not apparent to the heroes, but Venger fears the totems, not necessarily their owners, as a threat to his and Tiamat's power. New owners, potentially much more aware of their world and more of a threat to Venger and his evil mistress, will only alarm him more.

Design Note: Bobby is an example of where I had to deviate from the model given in the Animated Series Handbook. He's a little kid, the physical stats and 7th level of experience they gave him are ridiculous and don't at all reflect the fact he is much younger, smaller and weaker than the rest of the gang. I adjusted things to compensate. Note that Bobby's strength score already includes the bonus mentioned in the Thunder Club's description. Don't add it again.


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