10 January 2013

(Hinuary 2013) Finally! The Sneak Class (an optional Hin Thief class for Classic D&D)

 Edit 1/10/2013 - The revised files, with all known errors corrected, are now uploaded, the links have been modifed below to point to these corrected files.

Sorry for the delay, the class table was too large to display correctly here on the blog, so we had to format everything into a PDF for you to download. So without further delay, here it is, The Hin Sneak, an optional halfling "thief" class for Classic D&D and compatible OSR games!

The Hin Sneak (150kb PDF)

Please feel free to redistribute the complete, unaltered PDF file as you wish.

As a bonus, for those of you who like to tinker with the files, here are links to the source file in Open Office/Libre Office ODT and Microsoft Word DOC formats.

The Hin Sneak (68kb ODT)
The Hin Sneak (84kb DOC)

These files are provided for your private use. Please do not redistribute them, or any derivative files of your creation, without discussing it with me (Darva) or Rich (dire rodent) beforehand. Thanks!

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