10 January 2013

(Hinuary 2013) Holy Halflings, Batman, it's the Hin Cleric class!

From a campaign setting development standpoint, one of the great improvements that D&D 3rd edition made over its predecessors was to allow full advancement clerics of any and all races. Sure, AD&D 1e (in Unearthed Arcana) and AD&D 2e allowed the major PC races to take the cleric class, but for the demihumans, level limits in the rules prevented them from accessing the high level spells. In a setting like Mystara, where all the major PC races have their own nations and cultures, it is a little awkward that the demihuman classes lack religious leaders and the ability to ask their gods for the same favors humans can.

We can assume, as the game always did, that these personages exist, but are left to the NPCs of the world, but I've always disliked the idea that NPCs get options that are not there for the PCs. That is why we're presenting this optional class for Hin “clerics”., The Hin Friar, an optional halfling "cleric" class for Classic D&D and compatible OSR games!

The Hin Friar (236kb PDF)

Please feel free to redistribute the complete, unaltered PDF file as you wish.

As a bonus, for those of you who like to tinker with the files, here are links to the source file in Open Office/Libre Office ODT and Microsoft Word DOC formats.

The Hin Friar (226kb ODT)
The Hin Friar (275kb DOC)

These files are provided for your private use. Please do not redistribute them, or any derivative files of your creation, without discussing it with Darva or me (dire rodent) beforehand. Thanks!

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