07 March 2018

Gary Con 2018; For Whom the Bell Trolls

It was about this time last year that a friend and I sent the self proclaimed leader of the OSR free world into a full on tears and hair pulling schoolgirl fit* by daring to speak less than glowingly about his little girlfriends Ernie Gygax and Joseph Goodman and their hijacking of GaryCon '17 (to promote a project that is now 6 months late and not expected out for another 3 months, for the record), and along those lines, I'm now open to suggestions or requests on what GaryCon topics you'd like to see me vent about this year!

I thought about the fact that a Frog God rep. at the con is using his blog as a platform to attack WotC and Magic: The Gathering organized play regarding sexual harassment complaints, despite the fact that Frog God's owner and CEO was himself accused of and admitted to assault and harassment at Paizo con a few months ago, but that's a lazy attack of opportunity on an easy target.

Stay tuned, and really, if you have any GaryCon weirdness to report, the comments are open.

* I was once a schoolgirl, I know a hissy fit when I see one.


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  2. Which project was that? (The late one) I don't keep up with "the industry" much any more. Just curious.

    1. The "Into the Unknown" reprints/conversion of B1 and B2 to 5e. Preview copies were on sale at GaryCon last week, the new release date for the rest of us is sometime in may now. I'm curious to see the nostalgia essays they're including, from people around TSR when the adventures were created, but I fail to comprehend the crazed hype behind Goodman Games projects.

    2. Sorry, the actual title is "Into the Borderlands"

      Original Classic D&D reprints of early and later printings of B1 and B2, 5e conversions of both, some added encounters here and there for both adventures, and an actual dungeon to go in B2's cave of the unknown (though, in 5e stats, I assume.) And the reminiscing essays I mentioned.

      One of the players in my group pre-ordered it at our local shop, I'll check it out when she gets it and decide if the new material and essays are worth the $50 price tag.

    3. The comments that got me into trouble at Tenkar's Tavern last year were basically (paraphrasing):

      1. Goodman's loyalty to the "old school" is vastly overrated.

      2. Any DM worth her salt can drag and drop 5e stats from the Monster Manual or freebie Basic Rules into B1 and B2 for a quick conversion. They are honestly not very complex adventures and mostly stick to the standard selection of monsters and treasures. Heck, B1, isn't even "stocked", you can use whatever monsters and treasures you want! Only a handful of encounter areas in Quasqeton have mechanics tied to them, like the room of pools, and these are clearly explained in the module and again, straightforward and simple to convert to any edition on the fly.

      I own different printings of B1 and B2, including the ones Goodman is reprinting in the tome, and I don't play 5e, so beyond the TSR memories stuff and a curiosity as to how Goodman's writers will handle the promised new encounters, the book doesn't really excite me. It's a collectors novelty, and I still fail to see the fanboy hype.

      But I won't begrudge anyone who wants the book. If you lack early originals or have a 5e campaign going, the price could well be worth it. B1 and B2 together, with added dungeon crawl at the cave of the unknown is a fairly solid low to mid level campaign in itself.

      I just have little patience for fanboygasms :P

    4. Oh yeah.

      I saw the writeup on GG's site a few weeks ago and the book at Garycon. I love the Keep, but I already own both original modules. NTM I don't play 5e, so the price tag was very much not worth it, IMO.

  3. Hi Darva, sorry to hijack this post about trolls (although perhaps appropriate). I'm sorry for the misunderstanding on G+ just now, and I regret not reading the thread more closely: my comment for which you blocked me wasn't aimed at you because I hadn't read your contribution to the thread. I have fully retracted the comment and edited it with an apology for my error.


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