15 April 2010

[Magic Item] Druid's Honey Mead

Druid's Honey Mead

The druids long ago mastered the techniques of fermenting honey from beehives into a potent and tasty beverage that is popular across the known world even today. Though the meads vary a little from region to region, the general theme is the same. Honey is harvested and prepared in the autumn and allowed to ferment over the winter, reaching maturity in early spring and brought out as part of the spring planting festivals. For most creatures drinking this beverage, it is simply a thirst quenching and slightly intoxicating elixir.
For the druids and their followers, however, there is a potent effect to be gained by drinking these meads during spring celebrations as part of their festivities. In game terms, any character who raises a toast to the gods of nature before consuming their mug of ale will be healed as if they had imbibed a lessened strength Potion of Healing, recovering 1d4 points of damage. This benefit may only be gained once per day, and may only be used during relatively calm, quiet moments of introspect and piety, thus the drinking of honey mead during battle will have no beneficial effects.
It is important to point out that although the druids know of this blessing from their gods, they do not explain it to persons buying or trading the mead from them. They prefer that people discover the gods' gift through an honest and sincere display of faith and respect, which in many cultures of the known world is expressed in the form of a toast or dedication of libations to the nobles and deities important to the local people.

[Magic Item] Springfest Biscuits

Springfest Biscuits (Also known as druid's cakes)

These small, somewhat flavorless biscuits, made from a base of ground oats and whatever local grains are available, are the primary fare during many of the celebrations during Springfest, since they are easy to make in large quantities and require no expensive or uncommon ingredients. The taste is somewhat akin to an unsweetened oatmeal cookie, and the biscuits are often adorned with bits of chopped fruits or drizzled in honey or jellies to sweeten them up.

Only the most desperate or isolationist of communities would charge travellers for these edibles, but in those situations, a day's worth (providing a full ration equivalent for the day) can be had for 2 coppers.

In areas where a druidic circle is present, the preparing of ceremonial biscuits is a serious and involved process, involving ritual prayers to the nature gods and offerings to the spirits of the various animals native to the area. The result are Springfest Biscuits with a slight enchantment upon them. They have two uses, which are detailed below:

1. If a character consumes 3 whole biscuits (a day's portion), he will be blesses with a +1 bonus to any reaction check when dealing with natural animals. This effect lasts until dawn of the following day.

2. If a biscuit is tossed to an oncoming animal and eaten by that animal (non-hostile animals will consume the treat on a roll of 1-5 on a d6, hostile animals are entitled to a reaction check, with a hostile result meaning it ignores the treat and continues its attack), it is affected as if a Charm Person spell had been cast upon it successfully by the character who offered the treat.

["New" Spell] Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter

Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter
3rd Level Magic-User spell
Range: 180 feet
Duration: 1 round per level
Area of Effect: 1 creature per 3 levels

The victim of this spell perceives everything as extremely funny. On the round the spell is cast, the target begins smiling, then giggling, and finally collapsing into gales of uncontrollable, hideous laughter. The target is entitled to a save vs. spells to avoid the effect, but if this is failed, no action is allowed during the first round.
The saving throw vs. spell is modified by the Intelligence of the target. Creatures with Intelligences of 4 or less (semi-intelligent) are totally unaffected. Those with Intelligences of 5-7 (low) save with -6 penalties. Those with Intelligences of 8-12 (average to very) save with -4 penalties. Those with Intelligences of 13-14 (high) save with -2 penalties. Those with Intelligences of 15 or greater (exceptional) have unmodified saving throws.
Although this magical mayhem lasts only a single round, the affected creature must spend the duration of the spell controlling the giggling fits and recovering, resulting in a penalty of -2 to all dice rolls made during this period. In addition spellcasters must make a check against their relevant ability score (Int for Mystics, Magic-Users and Elves, Wis for Clerics, at the aforementioned -2 penalty) before attempting to cast any spells. If this check is failed, the spell may not be cast, though other action may be taken instead, with only a -1 penalty to initiative. The spell is not lost, and may be attempted again later.
Magic Item use is not affected by this spell.

Note that we've tweaked this spell a bit from its function in AD&D, this is intended to fit it better into the spell selections for magic-users and elves in the BECMI D&D rules.

[Magic Item] Avrine's Lockpicks

Avrine's Lockpicks
New Magic Item

Avrine Nimblefoot is a legendary figure among the folk of the Five Shires and western Karameikos, especially the Hin. She lived about 50 years ago, and was a daring swashbuckler of a lass, living a life of wild adventures and daring deeds. Among the stories told about her are the tale of how she retrieved the jeweled crown of Black Eagle Barony from a bugbear bandit who accosted the Baron on the Road on a return trip to Specularum after a holiday, and a wild yarn about a game of dice with the gods which lasted the entire harvestfest holiday week and earned Avrine the enchanted lockpicks that now bear her name when she tricked the god into admitting defeat (even though he was obviously winning, the storytellers add with a knowing wink and grin).

Avrine's lockpicks are a set of exquisitely crafted thieves tools made of platinum decorated with diamonds of various colors. When used by a non-thief, they grant the user the ability to Open Locks af if he were a thief of 1/2 his current level. Example: Giana is a 4th level halfling. When using the lockpicks, she can open locks as if she were a 2nd level thief.

In the hands of a thief, they are even more powerful, granting a bonus of +3 effective class levels when calculating the Open Locks chance on the tables. For example, Magwell, a 7th level thief, steals the lockpicks and then tries to unlock a door with them. Using the lockpicks, he has the Open Locks chance of a 10th level thief!

The lockpicks are a unique item, and worth about 5000 gold pieces if sold.