07 March 2018

Gary Con 2018; For Whom the Bell Trolls

It was about this time last year that a friend and I sent the self proclaimed leader of the OSR free world into a full on tears and hair pulling schoolgirl fit* by daring to speak less than glowingly about his little girlfriends Ernie Gygax and Joseph Goodman and their hijacking of GaryCon '17 (to promote a project that is now 6 months late and not expected out for another 3 months, for the record), and along those lines, I'm now open to suggestions or requests on what GaryCon topics you'd like to see me vent about this year!

I thought about the fact that a Frog God rep. at the con is using his blog as a platform to attack WotC and Magic: The Gathering organized play regarding sexual harassment complaints, despite the fact that Frog God's owner and CEO was himself accused of and admitted to assault and harassment at Paizo con a few months ago, but that's a lazy attack of opportunity on an easy target.

Stay tuned, and really, if you have any GaryCon weirdness to report, the comments are open.

* I was once a schoolgirl, I know a hissy fit when I see one.