20 October 2018

Stocking the Dungeon is now on MeWe!

I never did a lot of RPG stuff on Google+, for some reason the interface and spam I'd run into there just kept me from getting that into it. I was a bit saddened though, to hear of Google's plans to close down the network next year, since a lot of creative gaming stuff got shared and discussed there, especially in the old school D&D and related OSR groups. When discussions of the announcement turned toward people migrating to MeWe, it was honestly the first I'd heard of that network, and I was a little skeptical at first. I'm glad I gave it a shot though, the old school and OSR community at MeWe is thriving now and I've been following a handful of groups related to my interests of Classic D&D, Mystara and compatible OSR titles.

That got me thinking; I used to maintain a Facebook community for the blog, and it had a pretty good following, over 200 users. I eventually closed it down however, as it really didn't accomplish much but letting me share blog updates, which most people can get through a blog subscription or RSS feed reader. The ease of use of MeWe, and better functionality for discussions and sharing material has prompted me to have another go at a community to support my blogging as I once again dust off the Dungeon and get back to Stocking it.

Stocking the Dungeon @ MeWe

I've opened up membership to anyone who wants to join, so if you want to discuss things from the blog, or just chat about Classic D&D related stuff and share your own ideas and material, please stop by and say hello! Then, be sure and browse the other groups dedicated to Classic D&D type gaming, there's a lot of fun stuff happening there now.

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