24 May 2011

Classic DnD Dungeon Magazine Adventure Index - part 2

As you can see, I've made these indices a bit more helpful than those usually found online, including notes on the intended setting, party make up & levels, and a brief description of the premise of the adventure to help you pick an adventure that's right for your group and campaign. Additionally, since a lot of folks have a favorite author or two whose work they value above others, I've listed the author of each adventure.

9 ( Jan/Feb '88 )
Title: The Djinni's Ring
Author: Vince Garcia
Setting: Known World Arabian Fantasy Urban (Ylaruam)
Levels: 3
Suggested Party Make-Up: Pregen 3rd level Elf included
Note: This is a 'choose your own adventure' style solo adventure, specially crafted for the pregen character. With a bit of work, the scenario could be expanded to suit an entire low level party.
Description: Moonstone, an Elf from the Canolbarth Forest, finds himself in the Emirates or Ylaruam, where he is enlisted by a Djinni to recover the magical rings that can free the creature from the dark curse keeping him imprisoned.

Issue: 9 ( Jan/Feb '88 )
Title: The Ghostship Gambit
Author: Randy Maxwell
Setting: Generic Waterborne, with Known World and module X6: Quagmire! adaptation notes
Levels: 3-6
Suggested Party Make-Up: 4-6 PCs, with at least one elf (for interaction with elf NPCs/adversaries, a non-elf PC who speaks Elven will suffice)
Description: A busy but remote port town is being harassed by a mysterious "ghost ship" and looking for help. Can the party discover the real culprits and put an end to their attacks?

Issue: 12 ( July/Aug '88 )
Title: At The Spottle Parlor
Author: Rick Swan
Setting: Known World Urban (Glantri City)
Levels: 2-4
Suggested Party Make-Up: 1-3 PCs, with at least one fighter (not strictly required, but helpful in the melee heavy events)
Description: The party is invited to a night a gaaming with a noteworthy wealthy NPC, but things get pretty ugly as the night goes on, eventually erupting into combat.

Issue: 13 ( Sep/Oct '88 )
Title: Of Nests And Nations
Author: Randy Maxwell
Setting: Known World Urban (Specularum)
Levels: 8-12
Suggested Party Make-Up: 3-5 PCs
Description: Riots and murder are rampant in Specularum, and the PCs are needed to track down the group responsible, defeat their leader and put an end to the violence. This is a fairly intricately plotted adventure that takes the PCs all over Specularum and can be fleshed out into a mini-campaign in and of itself.

Issue: 14 ( Nov/Dec '88 )
Title: The Wererats Of Relfren
Authors: Grant Boucher and William Kurt Wenz
Setting: Generic Urban
Levels: 3-6
Suggested Party Make-Up: 4-8 PCs, with at least one thief
Note: DMs running this adventure for a party containing demihumans are advised to consult the rules regarding lycanthropy and demihumans and consider the potential lethality of the scenario
Description: A small mountain town is plagued by a band of wererats led by an evil NPC, and need the party to overcome the threat before the coming of a yearly festival. The scenario itself is fairly straightforward, but the inclusion of a completely fleshed out small town to use as a base for further adventures makes this a valuable adventure.