25 May 2011

Classic DnD Dungeon Magazine Adventure Index - part 3

As you can see, I've made these indices a bit more helpful than those usually found online, including notes on the intended setting, party make up & levels, and a brief description of the premise of the adventure to help you pick an adventure that's right for your group and campaign. Additionally, since a lot of folks have a favorite author or two whose work they value above others, I've listed the author of each adventure.

15 ( Jan/Feb '89 )
Title: In Pursuit Of The Slayer
Author: Carl Sargent
Setting: Generic Wilderness Chase
Levels: 6-9
Suggested Party Make-Up: 6-8 PCs, with at least two fighters or dwarves, and access to mounts
Description: The party gets caught up in the wild cross country pursuit of a once noble and just hero who has turned to evil and threatens to raise an undead army to terrorize the land, but there's a twist. Could an evil curse on an item the hero posesses be the cause of his actions? This is a pretty fast paced adventure, with a handful of side encounters along the route of the chase and a grand combat at the end.

Issue: 20 (Nov/Dec '89)
Title: Pride Of The Sky
Randy Maxwell
Setting: Known World wilderness (Broken Lands)
Levels: 8-12
Suggested Party Make-Up: 4-6 PCs, with at least one cleric
Description: Lured by legends and rumors of a crashed flying ship, the party delves into the temple dungeon a band of Manscorpions has converted the wreck into. The adventure utilizes material from the Orcs of Thar Gazetteer (non-human clerics) and could also be used as an introduction to flying ships and other material found in the Top Ballista sourcebook for a DM wanting to bring that material into the campaign.

Issue: 21 (Jan/Feb '90)
Title: The Bane Of Elfswood
Author: Stephen J Smith
Setting: Known World Wilderness (Norwold)
Levels: 15-18
Suggested Party Make-Up: 4-5 PCs, with at least one cleric and one magic-user or elf
Description: While enlisted by an Elven NPC to help avenge the deaths of her family members, the PCs explore part of Norwold's wilderness, battling some powerful undead and uncovering the evil plot of a vengeful druid.

Issue: 22 (Mar/Apr '90)
Title: Rank Amateurs
Author: John J Terra
Setting: Known World Wilderness and urban (Glantri)
Levels: 1-3
Suggested Party Make-Up: 6-8 humanoid PCs designed using Gazetteer 10: Orcs of Thar
Description: As noted above, this is an adventure for monstrous characters using the rules in the Orcs of Thar Gazetteer. While the main plotline concerns a no-win situation mission the PCs are sent on by their chieftain and are expected to realize the futility of at some point, the bulk of the action concerns exploring a ruined fort now controlled by other humanoids.

Issue: 23 (May/Jun '90)
Title: The Vineyard Vales
Author: Randy Maxwell
Setting: Known World Wilderness (Soderfjord)
Levels: 2-4
Suggested Party Make-Up: 4-6 PCs
Description: The PCs are recruited to help rid a small farming community of the locust plagues that are destroying their vineyards. Can the party uncover the schemes of the evil magic user that is responsible and defeat him and his minions to save the crops?