26 May 2011

Classic DnD Dungeon Magazine Adventure Index - part 4

As you can see, I've made these indices a bit more helpful than those usually found online, including notes on the intended setting, party make up & levels, and a brief description of the premise of the adventure to help you pick an adventure that's right for your group and campaign. Additionally, since a lot of folks have a favorite author or two whose work they value above others, I've listed the author of each adventure.

: 24 (Jul/Aug '90)
Title: In The Dread Of Night
Author: Ann Dupuis
Setting: Known World Urban (Karameikos)
Levels: 1-3
Suggested Party Make-Up: 5-8 PCs
Description: A few of the people of Sisak, a town in Karameikos, got tired of their livestock being stolen and set out to investigate, now they're missing too. The adventure is pretty straightforward; find the evil wizards tower and defeat him and his horde of orc lackeys. What makes this adventure really worthwhile is the fact that it contains a completely fleshed out Known World town, Sisak. The town can easily serve as a base of operations for low to mid-level parties.

Issue: 25 (Sep/Oct '90)
Title: Hrothgar's Resting Place
Setting: Known World Wilderness and Dungeon Crawl (Karameikos)
Levels: 4-7
Suggested Party Make-Up: 4-6 PCs, with at least one cleric and one magic-user or elf
Description: The party discovers the journal of the leader of an adventuring band from Soderfjord, in which he relates a madness that overtook one of his companions, Hrothgar. Since the journal includes a map to the cavern complex where Hrothgar met his end, near the town of Kelvin, it's easy for the party to investigate and recover the treasures overlooked when the journal writer's party explored the place a quarter century ago.

Issue: 26 (Nov/Dec '90)
Title: Caravan Guards
Setting: Generic wilderness, with Known World adaptation notes
Levels: 6-8
Suggested Party Make-Up: 6-8 PCs, with at least one magic-user or elf
Description: After being hired to guard a caravan travelling from Darokin city to Selenica (or any two cities you wish, if not using the Known World setting. The inclusion of those two cities is entirely irrelevant to the adventure itself.), the party is in for a big surprise when their employers turn out to be flesh eating monsters!

Issue: 27 (Jan/Feb '91)
Title: Tarfil's Tomb
Setting: Known World Wilderness and dungeon crawl (Karameikos)
Levels: 10-14
Suggested Party Make-Up: 5-7 PCs, with at least one cleric
Description: While visiting Kelvin, the prophetic dreams of a local cleric lead the party to the tomb of an ancient hero, to destroy the corruption the villains are causing. The undead in this adventure are particularly powerful and nasty, so a cleric in the party is very important, if not absolutely required.

Issue: 28 (Mar/Apr '91)
Title: Manden's Meathooks
Setting: Known World Wilderness (Glantri)
Levels: 4-6
Suggested Party Make-Up: 3-6 PCs
Note: This is a Side Treks encounter, not a full fledged adventure. Additionally, although it doesn't affect the encounter at all, the material in the adventure was originally intended for the Hollow World adventure HWA1: Nightwail, but cut from there due to space editing, and adapted for use in Glantri in the magazine.
A band of brigands is using a hurricane lamp to ambush travellers resting at a well used campsite. Can the party survive the lamps magic and defeat the brigands and their leader?