29 May 2011

Classic DnD Dungeon Magazine Adventure Index - part 7

As you can see, I've made these indices a bit more helpful than those usually found online, including notes on the intended setting, party make up & levels, and a brief description of the premise of the adventure to help you pick an adventure that's right for your group and campaign. 

53 (May/Jun '95)
Title: Elexa's Endeavor
Setting: Generic dungeon crawl, with Known World adaptation notes
Levels: 4-7
Suggested Party Make-Up: 4-6 PCs, with at least one thief and one magic-user or elf
Description: While resting in a small rural town, the party is contacted by a local cleric, newly back from a religious crusade, who needs help clearing some brigands out of her families nearby castle. After a short but harrowing trip through the local woods, the party is in for a pretty straightforward dungeoncrawl, concluding with an epic battle with a band of brigands.

Issue: 54 (Jul/Aug '95)
Title: Redcap's Rampage
Setting: Generic urban and dungeon crawl
Levels: 1-3
Suggested Party Make-Up: 2-5 PCs, with at least one cleric and one magic-user or elf
Description: After hearing rumors of a coming goblin invasion, the locals decided to renovate their town's keep. Accidents and mysterious incidents began to thwart their efforts, the PCs get to investigate. The angry Redcap (a malicious fey being related to the Brownie) is only the beginning of their troubles, as a band of wererats awaits.