03 January 2012

Re-Stocking the Dungeon; Last of the updates & comments

As I mentioned last time in regard to the NPC Profile articles, I may at some point update and convert the material in old posts that is specific to the Greyhawk setting, but not today. This also includes the spells and magic items articles.

Ability Scores and Spellcasting

I really like this bit of house ruling. Game balance is not a precise science, and in actual play, I have never seen anything to make me think that giving magic-users or clerics an extra spell or two each adventure day unfairly biases the game against fighters or thieves. I strongly agree with the suggestion to not grant these bonus spells to Elves or other non-human spellcasters though, they have an edge already.

A couple options for Magic Users

I loved these options when they were introduced at our game, and recommend them strongly.

There is one clarification I'd like to make though. Unlike the spell versions of Detect Magic and Analyze Dweomer/Identify Magic, these abilities require that the magic user of elf actually pick up and handle the item, possibly triggering any curses or ill effects of doing so! This does not grant the ability to scan a room and see what's magical, the PC must pick up a suspected item and closely inspect and experiment with it to determine its nature.

That about does it for comments on chatdemon's old articles here in the Dungeon. If you recall, I mentioned that I have some further thoughts and revisions on my own Spellcasting for Non Humans article, that's coming up next!

Re-Stocking the Dungeon; More updates & comments

Toying With An Overhaul Of The Cleric's Cure Wounds Spells

One of my first new content projects for the new year, coming in the next week or so, deals with critical hits, poison/disease and how healing works. I ignore this old material in favor of that.

Borrowing From The Retro-Clones 1: Caverns & Cavaliers

I really love these Borrowing from the Retro Clones articles, and this one is really fun. While the traits are somewhat like 3rd Edition's Feats in many ways, the actual perks gained are relatively minor and by no means game breaking. If your players want more options and flexibility in customizing their PCs, Weasel Fierce's system is a great idea to consider.

Like I said, I love the idea of adapting optional new stuff from the OSR games between games, including Classic D&D. I'll be reviving and continuing this feature in the future.

Borrowing from the retro clones 2: Iron Sword

A couple more fun options from Weasel Fierce. I've used both of these with no problems and like the teamwork they encourage among the players.

[Magic Item] Avrine's Lockpicks

This is one of a handful of articles originally written by me on the Canonfire! Greyhawk website. They were later revised a little by chatdemon for inclusion here in the Dungeon. So basically, I wrote it, I like it, I use it!

A note about the NPC Profile articles:

As you'll notice, many of these were written for the Greyhawk campaign setting, which we used at the time. Since retiring from that game group and focusing exclusively on Classic BECMI D&D, I've gone towards using the Mystara (or Known World) setting. I may revisit these old NPCs, some of which were, like the magic lockpicks above, originally written by me and revised by chatdemon for presentation here, and "update" them for use in a Mystara campaign, but that's beyond the scope of the updates and commentary I'm doing now. Let me know if there's a big desire to see any or all of those guys revisited!