09 January 2013

(Hinuary 2013) Other related "hin-ternet" resources.

 Sorry to keep you waiting on the next Hinuary article, which is an optional "thief" type class for Hin PCs, by the way. I'll have it posted soon, but in the meantime, here's a few links to Hin and Five Shires related material around the 'net that you might find interesting.

Thorn's Chronicle - The Hinlands (Thanks to author Robert Nuttman for supporting Hinuary!)
A darker, grittier version of the Shires, with a demonic twist!

The Dark Shire by Geoff Gander
An interesting look at the dark side of the Hin, complete with "monster" stats for some of the little villains the PCs might encounter.

The Mystaran (fan) Almanacs by various
The AC 1015, 1016, 1017, 1018 and 1019 Almanacs feature write ups of the Five Shires, keeping with the basic format and style of the "Official" TSR published Almanacs. All of the Almanacs, including the one for 1014, continue the "in character" author/editorship of Joshuan Gallidux, Hin explorer extraordinaire, and are sprinkled with fun material applicable to any campaign.

The Newbies Guide to Mystara by various
The newbies guide is a great resource for bringing in new players, as well as providing some basic details on areas you might not have the Gazetteer for. The Five Shires entry, by Eyal Fleminger is top notch.

The Piazza forums - Mystara section
No link list would be complete without mentioning the Piazza, which has become the go to place to discuss the setting, no matter which version of D&D you use. Hin and Shires topics abound, and the regulars are always friendly and welcoming to newcomers and new topics.

And last but not least, an honorable mention for the Facebook group, Mystara Reborn. With Bruce Heard and Frank Mentzer involved, you can't find a better facebook hangout for fans of Mystara!
You'll obviously need a facebook account to view or participate, but this group alone is worth the signup!

Did I miss anything worthwhile? Please add your related links, either your own material or your favorites, in the comments below! Thanks!