20 October 2018

Stocking the Dungeon is now on MeWe!

I never did a lot of RPG stuff on Google+, for some reason the interface and spam I'd run into there just kept me from getting that into it. I was a bit saddened though, to hear of Google's plans to close down the network next year, since a lot of creative gaming stuff got shared and discussed there, especially in the old school D&D and related OSR groups. When discussions of the announcement turned toward people migrating to MeWe, it was honestly the first I'd heard of that network, and I was a little skeptical at first. I'm glad I gave it a shot though, the old school and OSR community at MeWe is thriving now and I've been following a handful of groups related to my interests of Classic D&D, Mystara and compatible OSR titles.

That got me thinking; I used to maintain a Facebook community for the blog, and it had a pretty good following, over 200 users. I eventually closed it down however, as it really didn't accomplish much but letting me share blog updates, which most people can get through a blog subscription or RSS feed reader. The ease of use of MeWe, and better functionality for discussions and sharing material has prompted me to have another go at a community to support my blogging as I once again dust off the Dungeon and get back to Stocking it.

Stocking the Dungeon @ MeWe

I've opened up membership to anyone who wants to join, so if you want to discuss things from the blog, or just chat about Classic D&D related stuff and share your own ideas and material, please stop by and say hello! Then, be sure and browse the other groups dedicated to Classic D&D type gaming, there's a lot of fun stuff happening there now.

Fixing the revised X1 Map quirk

Most long time D&D players have fond memories of module X1:The Isle of Dread, and with the ease of researching things online, both versions of the classic adventure can be compared.

The main difference between the two is the art. All the artwork from the blue cover original version of the module gets replaced in the revised orange cover. Also, the maps get updates, with more color and update encounter area labels to reflect the revised labels and numbering in the text of the module. While opinions vary according to personal taste on the new art, the one complaint most people have had with the map update is a fairly glaring omission made to one of the important maps of the Taboo Island temple complex.

Here's the original map, for reference.

And the same map in the revised edition. I removed the monochrome blue background from this map for easier comparison, though you will see, the change is very obvious.

Without that little inset graphic depicting the tunnel under the north end of area 5, it appears to a lot of readers that there is no way to get to area 6 and beyond. The Description of room 5 (room 34 in the revised module key) mentions the raised platform where people in area 34A, on the raised platform, may observe the activity in the main chamber (area 3 or 32 revised), but doesn't clearly explain the tunnel leading under it to access the rooms and collapsed tunnels beyond. So, with a little bit of paint shop magic, I've created a corrected map for the revised module that includes the missing insert illustration, for your reference when using the X1 module.